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With our specialty in water processes and technologies, Tasman Water Technologies offer nothing but top quality services for long-term solutions. We pride our work with environmental responsibility and operational excellence.

Our team is made up of experienced project managers, installation technicians, and engineers. No matter the circumstances and specific requirements your plant has to meet, you can rely on us to provide the most ideal processes and technologies in the market.

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With a wide range of experience in the industry, we guarantee expertise and innovation in all of our products and services. Read more about some of the services and products we provide below.

Chemical Treatment

Many water treatments in the Industrial Sector use formulated chemicals to keep plants and processes running efficiently; to remove impurities from feed waters that may cause problems downstream; to modify the chemical make-up of water to optimise performance and to clean components that may have become fouled.

Raw Water Intake

Surface water is used for broad purposes such as for municipal drinking water, or industries for make-up and cooling (Desalination, Energy, Land Drainage, Irrigation, Hydropower, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical).

Condenser/Cooling Water Circuit Optimisation

Tasman Water Technologies offers an array of equipment to solve problems of condenser and heat exchanger scaling and fouling. Two of our most popular products and equipment include debris filters that remove suspended solids and our tube cleaning system that circulate rubber cleaning balls to remove scale and deposits.

FGD Wastewater Treatment

Power plants are regulated to remove sulfur emissions from flue gas, a by-product generated in coal combustion. The most common method used in flue gas desulfurization (FGD), is wet-scrubbing – a highly effective process resulting in FGD wastewater.

Cooling Water Treatment

Tasman Water Technologies has developed proven technologies that address every potential obstacle for an effective raw water intake solution; fish guidance systems to deflect them from entering inlets, handling devices that recover and return the fish to the water source, as well as a variety of screens that capture matter and debris.

Boiler Feed Water Treatment

Regardless of the source, water used in boilers must be treated according to the needs of the plant. Low pressure boilers often develop scale formations due to calcium carbonate from poorly performing softeners and feed water quality.

Media Filtration

Tasman Water Technologies’ multi-media filters removes more that 95% of 25-5 micron oil droplets and solids, and are fully automatic. All filters run in parallel, with one filter at a time being removed from use for backwash.

Sludge Handling

Tasman Water Technologies’ vast experience in treating sludges from all types of municipal and industrial wastewater systems, in combination with our sludge handling equipment options can greatly improve the economics of plant operations.

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